18th March 2021

the future

of small business and
entrepreneurs in India.


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Preparing Resilient SMBs through Digitisation.

Are businesses prepared for the new normal?

Digitised Bharat e-Conclave 2021 strives to answer this burning question along with charting a roadmap and a contingency plan for businesses through deliberations between Central and State ministers, policymakers, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and digital influencers.

Digital transformation has been recognized as one of the key contributors in India’s road to economic recovery
and the conclave aims at highlighting the importance of digital adoption in today’s new normal and prioritizing technology as an enabler to foresee evolving business, workplace and leadership needs in order to stay ahead of changing customer requirements.

Presented by India Ahead News and powered by GoDaddy,
this one-of-a-kind digital event will inspire young entrepreneurs and small businesses in India and support them in their journey in the post-COVID world.

Digitised Bharat e-Conclave 2021 Speakers

Industry stalwarts, domain pioneers, and luminaries from the government convene.

Digitised Bharat e-Conclave 2021 Programme Schedule

Digitised Bharat
e-Conclave 2021

How can digitization revive your business in the post-COVID world? What are some noteworthy government initiatives that can help? What did digital entrepreneurs do differently during the COVID crisis that helped them survive and thrive? If questions like these cloud your mind, and you are ready to revive your business or take it to greater heights, watch Digitised Bharat e-Conclave 2021 now.